D.O: Vinos de Madrid (subzone Navalcarnero).

Grape Varieties: Tempranillo 60%, Garnacha 40%.

Climate: continental mediterranean climate under the influence of Alberche River Valley and the Sistema Central range.

Viticulture and Soil: head training grapetrees grown in rainfed over sandy, poor and siliceous soils. The average yield is less than 3.000 Kg/Ha.

Elaboration: alcoholic and malolactic fermentations under controlled conditions.

Cosumption: from mid-2017, improving by end of 2018.

Service Temperature: 14-16ºC.

Alcoholic Volume: 13,5% Alc./Vol.

Comments from enologist: vintage in year 2015 was defined by a cool summer, a slow maturation and a late harvest. In these conditions, the Tempranillo and Garnacha vineyards gave us a grape full of freshness and rich aromas. The optimum level of maturity made the Petit Monroy 2015 an easy wine, very friendly and enjoyable, fruity and fun.